PRODUCT AGNOSTIC- Powering any technology with sunlight!
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Reliable solar without the need to run underground cable

Valen Energy’s power systems allow for the combination of multiple technologies to satisfy any needs. With the latest in solar integration, extreme environment energy storage system and adaptive control our solar systems equal the reliability of traditional grid powered systems.


Solar Combinations Help point + CCTV

The Architectural self powered lighting systems from Valen Energy incorporate Sleek elegant vertical glass-less solar modules integrated into an architectural anodised aluminium pole. Sunlight feeds the lighting systems power needs and continues to function even after 5 days of inclement weather.

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Solar Lighting + CCTV Combination

Reliable + Functional + Cost Effective. 100% off grid solar combo consisting of your choice of lighting system and CCTV. Choose from our Architectural OR Standard Solar Range to keep your workplace, University, Carpark, Transport hub and community safe. Providing light and CCTV powered by sunlight means not having to create a project out of it. Simply bolt them to the ground and the sun will do the rest. Fast efficient and Simple

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Search the Net + Power your phone using sunlight!

Solar communications columns provide WIFI hotspots and Device charging including Tablets, Smart phones & Other communications devices running off USB power. Place them anywhere outdoors and you have a powerful product which is functional and so easy to install. All these products can be powered by Architectural and Standard solar ranges.

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Fully Customisable solutions where you can have 3 or 4 products running off one solar power station, it comes down to your location and operation times. All these products can be powered by valen energy’s Architectural and Standard solar ranges. Contact us now to have a customised solution designed specific to your local area and site conditions.

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