Solar IOT & Power Systems

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Reliable Solar power without the need to run any underground cable

Valen Energy’s solar power systems compliment your environment and its surrounding’s turning sunlight into electricity. With the latest in solar integration, extreme environment energy storage system and adaptive control our solar systems equal the reliability with that of traditional grid powered systems.

All solar power options energised by our unique Vertically stacked decentralised power system

Solar powered Water pumping solutions

The self powered pumping systems from Valen Energy allow for deployment virtually anywhere. Sunlight feeds the systems power to cover their needs and continues to function even after 5 days of inclement weather.

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Anywhere, Anytime Wireless Weather Stations

Solar driven power systems have been designed for those higher power applications. We have re-engineered the traditional solar powered systems and taken them to new levels. With advanced adaptive environmental control, IOT smart city adaptable and wireless capabilities the Valen Energy solar power system perform like grid powered devices but with no underground cables required. All you need is sunlight!

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Solar powered Commercial Irrigation system

Run an entire irrigation system off a 1 meter ( 3 ft ) solar bollard power station. With the bollards aluminium pole integrating the vertical glassless solar modules and housing the timers for the irrigation system, this set up is quick easy and can be put anywhere outdoors due to its high vandal resistance. Combo with a water pump and you have yourself a unique functional solution to greener lawns, trees and veggies. Golf Courses, Parks, Botanical gardens and landscape areas.

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