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Instant Lighting without the need to run underground cable

Valen Energy’s solar Lighting can be deployed anywhere anytime. With the latest in solar integration, extreme environment energy storage system and adaptive control our solar systems equal the reliability with that of traditional grid powered systems.


Solar Street & Area lighting systems

Power your next outdoor lighting project utilising the suns every

Reliable 2017 technology by Valen Energy

Tier 1 lighting manufacturers luminaire's available

ARCHITECTURAL ( Vertical Integrated ) and STANDARD solar lighting options

STREET, AREA, FLOOD and CARPARK lighting systems

Industry leading 10 Year Warranty



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Landscape & in-ground solar lighting systems

Remote solar power stations to power in-ground and landscape luminaire's

Your choice of ARCHITECTURAL or STANDARD SOLAR powered systems

Easy installation without having to trench AC powered cable underground

Highly cost effective illumination solution running utilising sunlight only!



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Solar Bollard lighting systems

Worlds most powerful solar bollard achieving a unprecedented 12m spacing at 2 LUX ( 0.2 FC )

GLASS-LESS solar modules mounted vertically on all 4 sides.

Architecturally designed, Highly vandal resistant with high illumination.

Simply bolt them to the ground and the sun will do the rest!





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