Decentralised CCTV, Emergency Help and thermal imaging
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Security options powered by Natural Sunlight & Intelligent Controls

Valen energy’s POWERSTACK renewable energy platform provide security systems without making it a big project. With Remote 3/4G access points allows communications to access data from CCTV, Help point call buttons or alerts systems any time, anywhere without the need to run underground cable or connect to metered supply.


Solar Powered CCTV Fixed Camera systems

Fixed CCTV Solutions like the mobotix products have been designed with ultra low energy for Valen Energy’s solar power stations. We have Architectural and Standard solar options for you to choose to suit your environment.

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Solar Powered PTZ Surveillance

Self powered PTZ Surveillance solutions means you can now place CCTV systems anywhere you want without having to worry about power, trenching and cabling. You now have eyes anywhere the sun shines.

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Solar Emergency Help Buttons

Self powered security systems like these Help Point buttons allow deployment of real-time security interaction anywhere the sun shines.

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