Reliable, functional & architectural solar integration without having to run AC power saving up to 50% by using the Valen Energy solar powered options.

Valen's advanced Solar, Energy Storage & control system allows for unparalleled performance

Smart City

 Valen Energy’s off grid solar system are state of the art providing power to smart city compatible products. Gathering data whilst also controlling a variety of products which are all 100% off grid with information and control via the cloud.

Total Control

Maximum Power Point Tracking with inbuilt Adaptive solar Control. The Solar powered system collects data daily and adjusts to weather patterns, as well as local site conditions optimizing performance for specific locations globally.

Bullet Proof

Unique glass-less, shatter proof solar modules specially designed to handle high impact events, including vandal attacks coupled with extreme temperature energy storage LIFEPO4 ranging from -20 C to +60 C  valen’s systems have been made virtually bullet proof

Power Anything

Valen Energy’s state of the art off grid solar systems provide power to products like lighting, CCTV, Emergency help points, Wether stations, WIFI hotspots, Pumps, Temporary power as well as combinations of all the above products.

LIFEPO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Energy storage

All systems come with Valen Energy’s LIFEPO4 energy storage system. Our partner in this technology manufactures the LIFEPO4 battery cells from raw materials to Valen’s specification with full assembly and Battery management ( BMS ) integration completed in our Austin Texas, USA Facility. The system has an adaptive control Battery management system ( BMS) which adapts to its surrounding environment. LITHIUM IRON PHOSPHATE – LIFEPO4 are the safest of the lithium systems and can handle temperatures from -20 to +60 degrees celsius. Specialised Thermal compound is also used to maintain battery operation from temperatures over the fore mentioned allowing to integrate the battery inside the pole in all instances globally.

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