The PowerStack platform

Valen Energy Manufacture unique Decentralised Renewable energy powered platforms which incorporate AI learning, multiple communication protocols, vandal resistance and aesthetics to form reliable, high end energy infrastructure.

These power stations make it simple for the deployment of anything outdoors which need power. IoT, Security, Lighting, Communications, Smart City, EV Charging are just a few of the things the PowerStack platform can handle. The PowerStack is Product agnostic, so we work with any manufacture and any technology.

No trenching, no underground cabling, just pure functional & reliable power energised by the endless sunlight energy available in every corner of the globe.


  • IoT- Internet of things, Gateways, Edge Computing, Sensors
  • LIGHTING- Street, Signage, landscape and bollards
  • CHARGING- EV, Device, traffic systems
  • SECURITY- CCTV, Help point & People counting, Thermals
  • COMMUNICATIONS-  WIFI hotspots, Wireless, Bluetooth, 4G, 5G LTE
  • POWER- Pumps, Weather stations, Irrigations & remote power systems
  • COMBINATION- Multiple systems for any of the above technologies

Manufacturing– Simple and Scalable.

We operate factories located in Austin, Texas and Wollongong, Australia. Aluminum extrusions are produced locally in each country. The POWERSTACK modular design streamlines assembly with plug and play components using common hand tools. Simple & Cost effective manufacturing processes.

AUSTIN TX, USA- Austin is widely considered the next Silicon Valley ( Or Silicone Valley Two ) due to many tech companies focusing their expansion in this region. Austin is also the live music capital of the world, couple that with good food, great night life and laid back people, why would you want to manufacture anywhere else.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA- Down Under is the other side of the planet when compared to Austin TX. We have leveraged its position to deploy systems into the lucrative Australian and Asian markets. We manufacture lean and have put a lot of technology to good use to make the PowerStack platform highly cost effective to deploy. 

Company Information

Valen Has been developing renewable energy systems ranging from Grid connection, Solar lighting and general off grid power systems since 2010. The name Valen Energy has been around since 2017 as the company evolved from Lighting and renewable energy to develop technology that is as reliability as grid power for the use in multiple technologies far beyond lighting. 

Valen has evolved their technology to produce energy in unique ways. Their Decentralized, vertical solar power platform requires less than 1 square foot of real estate and stores up to half of the capacity of a Tesla Powerwall in each unit. Boasting unique Glassless shatterproof solar modules for high vandal resistance, Artificial intelligence for solar Learning, Communication platforms and protocols to suit the smart platforms,

Valen Energy has integrated teams in R&D, manufacturing, operations and management allowing the strategic functions of the PowerStack platform to improve not only product performance and evolution, but strive to grow employee strengths and share business growth and success with its global community teams.

Valen Energy is an excellent, smart, energy solutions provider committed to promoting, reduced energy through clean renewable energy application around the world.


Mission Statement

Valen Energy is dedicated to solving the worlds need to run underground cable and infrastructure everywhere. With cities and municipalities over run by these underground services and infrastructure already, providing all the new SMART infrastructure makes it really costly to Engineer, manoeuvre, plan, project manage, execute and hook up to metered utility supply.  

Valen exists to producing peerless products through the use of quality materials, sound engineering and manufacturing principles. Valen Energy draws on a diverse group of employees and partners to produce products with a distinct edge in the global market place.



With Valen Energy, Grow Your Career Towards Excellence.
Valen Energy is an excellent, smart, energy solutions provider committed to promoting FUNCTIONAL clean energy through Multiple technologies, industries and application around the world. We share our core values with employees, partners, and shareholders.

At Valen Energy, we respect intelligence, we reward achievement, we encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience, and we support creativity and innovation. Valen Energy offers equal opportunity and challenge, we define the road map and path to success, and we demand adherence to international standards.